Just got home from the day of hell at Universal. I’ve been looking forward to visiting Diagon Alley since it was announced construction began two years ago. How lucky we would be here two weeks after it officially opened. Knowing it would be packed, mom and I made our way to the new Gringotts ride as soon as the park opened. Wait time said three hours, attendant said two and a half. Okay, fine. I’ve seen posts online showing six and seven hour waits, so I’m happy. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS LATER, we finally get to the ride. Everyone is super excited despite everything. I kid you not, two minutes in, the ride breaks down. We are left there for ANOTHER HOUR. All the attendants were super rude and unsympathetic. It is now 2:00pm. We haven’t eaten all day and we didn’t get to see the end of the ride that we waited for. Knowing we have our ride coming to pick us up in an hour and a half, we (and everyone else stuck with us) go directly to Guest Services for a refund. We are told tickets are non refundable. We did nothing except walk in, wait for almost five hours and still not finish a ride. After 3 people and yet ANOTHER hour of arguing, we got our money back. Then we left. No shops, no wands, no Butterbeers. A whole day wasted, and what’s more - being totally heartbroken. Unfortunately it’s pretty apparent making money is more important than a magical experience.